Recognizing Right to Health in India

Indian Constitution does not provide explicitly the “Right to Health” as a fundamental right. This has been one of the core reasons behind India’s poor and crumbling public health sector. Constitution and indirect references to Right to Health: Article 39 (E) – State to secure the health of workers Article 42 – State to ensure just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief Article … Continue reading Recognizing Right to Health in India

Explained: The Ken-Betwa Link Project

Ken and Betwa, tributaries of river Yamuna in MP, are all set for India’s first river interlinking project under the National Perspective Plan (NPP), formulated in 1980 by the Ministry of Irrigation. NPP proposed for the inter-basin water transfer in the country. The idea behind inter-basin water transfer was to transfer surplus water from a river to a water deficit area. It was shelved in … Continue reading Explained: The Ken-Betwa Link Project

Domestic Violence in 2 months lockdown!

A total of 727 cases of Domestic Violence in 2 months of lockdown! Data available from the National Legal Services Authority & National Commission for Women indicate that there has been a surge in cases of domestic violence in lockdown. According to NLSA, the highest number of such cases were reported in Uttarakhand (144) followed by Haryana (79); Delhi (63); Chandigarh (50); Tamil Nadu (48); … Continue reading Domestic Violence in 2 months lockdown!

Crime Against Women

In 2020, NCRB Published the’ Crime in India-2019′ report. According to the report, crime against Women increased by 7.3% in 2019 as compared to 2018 & India reported 87 rape cases daily! In this thread, we bring to you data related to crime against women. The majority of cases of crime against women under IPC were registered under ‘Cruelty by husband or his relatives’ (30.9%) … Continue reading Crime Against Women

Unsung Heroes: India’s ASHA Workers

Every society is empowered with their women’s efforts to bring change. In our series of Common women heroes, we bring to you unsung warriors of COVID19, The ASHA Workers. Bulu Bhuyan, an ASHA worker from Assam was in charge of monitoring 600 households under home quarantine. She walked through the highland farms, paddy fields, and small streams to execute her duty. During floods in September, … Continue reading Unsung Heroes: India’s ASHA Workers