Need to reach out: Examining the mounting suicide crisis in Madhya Pradesh

How many of you know that Madhya Pradesh (MP) ranks as the third-highest state in terms of suicide deaths? Do you know that Bhopal is the worst affected city when it comes to suicide deaths? Out of one lakh people, 17 die of suicide in MP, compared to the national average of 12! Yet, the state government and agencies fail to notice and mainstream the issue of mental health and suicide prevention in MP. Why?

On World Suicide Prevention Day, we at The Analysis look at the grim situation of suicide deaths in the state and in the capital city of Bhopal. The data shows an ALARMING SUICIDE RATE (number of deaths per one lakh people) of 30% in Bhopal, one of the highest among the major cities in India.

Even after six years of notification of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, the state lags behind in its implementation and also struggles to make mental health and suicide prevention a political priority. To see young people at the center of this crisis is even more distressing as they continue to lack necessary social and individual support systems.

It is high time for the state authorities to make this a top priority and come out with a strong policy position and implementation framework. The issue demands immediate action!

Research by: Rishabh Shrivastava, TA
Designed by: Aishwarya Poddar, TA

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