Explained: What are flashfloods?

By Rishabh Shrivastava

Monsoon is here, and so is the news of various flash flood events all over!

As a part of our special fact-checking initiative at TA, we bring to you a series of explainer posts on some of the often-used phrases related to environment and science but we usually end up using them wrongly and knowing only a little bit about them!

✅ What is a flash flood?
✅ How is it caused?
✅ What are the key reasons?

You can see the news channels showing viral footage of waterlogged areas and calling it flash floods. But, what are flash floods? In this explainer, we break down the phenomenon of flash floods and help you understand the science behind it.

Experts have regularly called out the poor urban planning, illegal real estate construction and total disregard for the natural environment (including lakes, wetlands, drainages, streams etc.) that are vital for sustainable management of rainwater, as the major reasons behind the rise in flash floods across cities in India.

It is no longer a metro city problem but becoming a reality for many non-metro or tier II and III cities.

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