Visual story: Criminalizing conversion therapy of queer people in India

By Rishabh Shrivastava

Conversion therapy is one of the most brutal forms of human rights violation that people from queer community often experience. With no legal framework and a notified ban, a lot of medical professionals continue to prescribe this illegal and unscientific practice. This causes a great deal of mental and physical pain to queer people, infringing their health and privacy rights. Queer people are often coerced by family members to undergo this method, as it is widely misbelieved that conversion therapy is a cure for homosexuality.

On pride month, we bring a visual story explaining the issue in detail and some critical legal action around it that can pave way for criminalizing this inhumane practice.

This story is a part of #PrideRights campaign, an information dissemination campaign on queer laws and rights in India, curated by team TA.

Rishabh is a lawyer and writer working in climate change, public health and social justice advocacy. He is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at TA. He tweets at @Writer_Rishabh.

The Analysis (TA) is a research and communication group working on the issues of environment, health, gender, law and human rights. Feel free to share your submissions with us at

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