Twitter Hangouts: Global plastic pollution treaty and what it means for India with Swati Sambyal

About the speaker: Swati is a renowned resource management and circular economy expert. She is currently working with UN-Habitat at New Delhi, India. 

The discussion started with a quick overview of the circular economy and waste management. Swati emphasized that a circular economy is the best way to go forward and ensure that we are keeping our resources intact. She further talked about how brands are taking active steps in managing plastic waste but a lot needs to be done and how the citizenry can advocate and push these companies to adopt green practices. We also discussed the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR) in detail and the role it can play in addressing India’s plastic waste crisis. 

Swati shared in detail her views on the new decision taken by the global community to draft an international plastic pollution treaty by 2024. Swati shared that the decision to draft the treaty has come at the right time. She explained that a treaty can be a great document in guiding actions to address plastic pollution at the global, national and local levels. She believes that it can aid the ongoing efforts taken by the countries to curb the crisis of plastic waste and create more sustainable solutions. We also discussed with Swati the debate around the division of responsibilities between the global north and global south vis-a-vis plastic pollution and other environmental issues. We also touched upon the policy and legal frameworks in India and how they can ensure sustainable plastic waste management. 

The discussion was concluded by briefly talking about the impact of plastics on human health and the recent study which has found traces of microplastics in human blood. 

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