COVID Legal Support Network

The massive second wave of COVID-19 swept through India, with cases more than a million per day, leaving many in distress, running pole to pole for some relief. Some were running in search of oxygen, some were running for medicines, injections, plasma, and some to get a place to cremate their loved ones who succumbed to disease. One of the most significant impacts of this crisis was on the families who are losing their loved ones to this virus. People were bereaved, lost jobs, unhealthy and were in acute pain and agony.

During these unprecedented circumstances, Janus- faced individuals who cheated and harassed those in suffering. Some people took cash in advance to arrange essential medical aid and never returned the calls. Some even harassed, sent obscene and lucid demands in exchange for the coveted items. Medical supplies were sold at prices ten times higher than the MRP. Therein, The Analysis (TA), initiated COVID Legal Support Network (CLSN), to help those who suffered such incidents and did not know the legal recourse they have against fraudsters, harassers etc.

CLSN was an informal legal forum composed of advocates, social activists, academicians and law students. The primary objective of CLSN was to provide preliminary legal support to those in need, a kind of first-aid mechanism, without any fees or charges. It was not an alternative to or replaceable with a full-fledged and formal legal opinion by an advocate or a law firm. CLSN aimed to help and guide those in need and willing to engage in an informal conversation.

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