Mapping India’s response to the crisis of orphaned kids due to COVID19

Mapping India’s response to the crisis of orphaned kids due to #COVID19. We track the welfare measures announced by 21 states to address the issue. As per @smritiirani, 577 children have been orphaned. But, this data is only for the second wave (1 April to 25 May).

7 children have lost both parents in Himachal. For Madhya Pradesh, the number was 250. In Uttar Pradesh, 101 kids lost their parents to COVID. 108 kids lost both parents to COVID in Maharashtra.

The central govt has announced a scheme to take care of orphaned kids under PM-CARES. It will provide a monthly stipend from the corpus of Rs. 10 L to meet expenses for personal needs & higher education when the child will turn 18. On reaching 23, the child will get the entire Rs. 10 L.

The government will also assist such children with school education. They will be given admission in the nearest Kendriya Vidyalaya or in a private school as a day scholar.

If the child is admitted to a private school, the school fees will be paid from the PM CARES fund as per norms under the Right To Education Act, 2009. PM CARES will also meet expenses on uniforms, textbooks and notebooks.

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