What is COVID Legal Support Network by The Analysis?

Second wave of Coronavirus in India has wreaked complete havoc. From overwhelmed public health systems to sinking economy, this is turning out to be the largest crisis in the history of humankind. One of the most significant impacts of this crisis has been on the families who are losing their loved ones to this virus. People are bereaved, losing jobs, unhealthy and are in acute pain and agony.

Amidst all this, there are certain issues (in addition to COVID-19) that are troubling the individuals and families. During the first wave of Coronavirus, India saw a high increase in the case of domestic violence. Experts went ahead to call it a ‘shadow pandemic’. With the onset of the second wave, it remains a pressing issue. Incidents of COVID-19 related fraud are also on rise. Hospitals, clinics and labs are rampantly engaging in medical malpractice. People with mental health issues are facing challenges of accessibility and discrimination. Stories of helpless senior citizens being ill-treated by their children or relatives are becoming extremely common. All these issues are of grave concern and require immediate attention.

Keeping this mind, The Analysis (TA) wishes to provide informal and free legal support to those in need via Covid Legal Support Network (CLSN) on issues related to:

1- COVID-19 Medical Fraud
2- Domestic violence
3- Rights related to mental health
4- Adoption and child welfare
5- Senior citizens welfare

CLSN is an informal legal forum comprising advocates, social activists, academicians and law students. The primary objective of CLSN is to provide preliminary legal support to those in need, a kind of first-aid mechanism, without any fees or charges. It is not an alternative to or replaceable with a full-fledged and formal legal opinion by an advocate or a law firm. CLSN aims to help and guide those in need and willing to engage in an informal conversation.

Through our team of resource persons and volunteers, we wish to equip people with the right legal knowledge and help them in making informed decisions.

How to reach us:

Whatsapp – 9540792234. Email – contact@theanalysis.org.in

DM us on Facebook/Insta/Twitter – @teamanalysis_

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