Live Blog: Global Media on India’s response to the COVID crisis

As India battles #COVIDSecondWave, we take a deep dive into how the global media reported (and continues to do so) India’s response to the #COVID19 crisis.

After India announced its victory over #Coronavirus and things going back to ‘normal’, Vikas Pandey and @soutikBBC for @BBCIndia raised a red flag. Their report (published in Feb) talked about the fear of another wave and fresh #COVID19 infections.

A BBC report, read here.

Finally, in April, it was New Zealand that re-imposed the ban on people coming from India, as it reported 23 new cases, out of which 17 were from India. NZ PM clearly said that she didn’t want to put her people at risk.

A report, read here.

At the same time, ppl started flocking to #Haridwar for #KumbhMela2021, which has now been asked by PM Modi to be suspended, amidst the second wave. Govt. has been heavily criticized for its response to Kumbh as compared to #TablighiJamaat event.

An Aljazeera report, read here.

Very soon, cities started entering into lockdown mode. Though, election campaigning continued. And, as rightly put by @MujMash & @HariNYT in their report in April for @nytimes, it was India’s complacency and missteps that allowed the crisis to get worse.

A New York Times report, read here.

The problem of shortage of vaccines, beds & oxygen was now being reported by the international media agencies too, causing a major embarrassment to the Indian government that declared a ‘victory’ on the virus a little too soon. This report by @soutikBBC

A BBC report, read here.

With overwhelmed public health system, state govts have started implementing the lockdown strategy again. National capital to remain in lockdown till 26April. Read this report by @Karan_Singhs for NYT. Question remains: Will health systems be restored?

A New York Times report, read here.

In the meantime, countries like UK and Hong Kong have added India to ‘red list’, meaning most people who have traveled from India in the last 10 days will be refused entry.

A BBC report, read here.

Modi and his govt. has come under a strict scanner for intense political campaigning and #Kumbhmela2021. Several candidates have died in West Bengal due to COVID-19, reports @krishnadas56 and @aftabahmed00.

A Reuters report, read here.

At present, India’s cremation grounds are reeling under the same pressure as the public health systems. Experts have started questioning India’s data on #COVID19 deaths. Insightful reporting by @summitkhanna, @AlasdairPal & @saurabhsherry

A Reuters report, read here.

With Govt. opening phase III of vaccination for 18 plus from May 1, shortage of vaccine remains the toughest challenge for India to fix and curb the second wave of #COVID19. A report by @jessieyeung8 and @EshaMitra8.

A CNN report, read here.

Finally, we are back to last year. With Delhi and other cities entering lockdown, panic has set in and the migrant movement has once again started. @bengrahamjourno tracks the situation in Delhi for @newscomauHQ.

A report, read here.

In-depth report for BBC by @BBCVikas | @shadabnazmi exploring the cruel impact of #COVIDSecondWave on human lives and how India ignored the early warning signs. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad have almost run out of hospital beds.

A BBC report, read here.

Like Donald Trump, Mr. Modi would not give up campaigning while the pandemic raged. India went ahead with five state elections in April, and an unmasked Mr. Modi held huge rallies. Editorial by @guardiannews

The Guardian report, read here.

Amidst rising infection, rural India stands at an enormous risk. Under-reporting of pandemic remains a prevalent practise. #COVIDEmergency2021 Report by @AzizurTweets and @safimichael

The Guardian report, read here.

@jessieyeung8 reports for @cnni on India’s unreported details of #COVID19 crisis. Experts fear that number could be up to 30 times higher. #ThreadAlert

A CNN report, read here.

#ThreadUpdate Cover story of @TIME India’s #COVID-19 Crisis Is Spiraling Out of Control. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way by @naina_bajekal#GlobalMedia#COVID19India

A TIME report, read here.

“Now anger is growing, even among Modi voters”. A report by @jslaternyc and @NihaMasih for Washington Post. #COVID19India

The Washington Post report, read here.

A report by Reuters highlights that the forum of scientists constituted by the Union govt detected B.1.617 variant in Feb only. The findings were shared by 10th March with the Health Ministry but it chose not to respond. @BhavreenMK@Rukmini@SonaliVaid

A Reuters report, read here.

As Indians scramble to get medical care for ill family members and friends, with volunteers helping to cremate the dead in makeshift funeral pyres, foreign diplomats are making their own arrangements to stay alive.

The South China Morning Post report, read here.

From a lack of investment in public healthcare to mishandling vaccine production, India’s far-right BJP government has failed its people during the pandemic. Writes @subindennis for @tribunemagazine.

The Tribune report, read here.

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