Net-Zero Goal

US President’s Climate Envoy, John Kerry was in India recently. One of the major agendas of the visit was the #NetZero goal for 2050, which the US wants India to be on board.

What is net-zero? what are India’s objections?

Net-zero is a situation where the country’s emissions are balanced by the absorption & removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Net-zero doesn’t mean carbon neutrality or bringing down the country’s emissions to zero.

The Intergovernmental Panel on #ClimateChange emphasized the importance of net-zero goals in response to climate change & limiting global temp. to 1.5 ºC. Recently 58 countries announced their #NetZero emission targets whereby they aim to reduce their greenhouse gas emission.

India has been under diplomatic pressure to join the net-zero club. India is opposing it as it is likely to hamper the economic growth which India is very much likely to achieve over the next 2-3 decades.

India argues that the developed countries have failed to stand out & deliver on their past promises and commitments under Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement and that there are high chances that this carbon-neutrality goal will meet a similar fate.

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