Unsung Heroes: India’s ASHA Workers

Every society is empowered with their women’s efforts to bring change. In our series of Common women heroes, we bring to you unsung warriors of COVID19, The ASHA Workers.

Bulu Bhuyan, an ASHA worker from Assam was in charge of monitoring 600 households under home quarantine. She walked through the highland farms, paddy fields, and small streams to execute her duty. During floods in September, she traveled on the boat to reach interiors.

Anju Bala from Fazalika, Punjab became the first ASHA worker to get vaccinated in the state. She showed the way to other ASHA workers who were hesitant in getting the jab. Throughout the lockdown, Anju & her fellow ASHA workers were on their toes to keep people safe from COVID19.

Lakhs of ASHA workers like Bulu & Anju were at the forefront during the COVID-19. They are unsung heroes of this battle who served selflessly on the ground. Yet, most of them have struggled to meet the basic rights of their job.

Untimely payment to inadequate salary, ASHA workers continue to make their voices heard. They remain the most crucial part of our health services! On this #InternationalWomensDay, we need to ask one thing, is our country/system doing enough for these brave warriors?

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