TA Threads: COVID19 Vaccination Programme

India’s COVID-19 vaccination program – the world’s largest – completes one month today! We take a quick look at what the program has achieved till now, the progress, the way ahead and other details. Follow this thread 👇 #COVID19Vaccination #TAExplains

India’s COVID-19 vaccination program was kick-started on 16th January. Govt. had set the ambitious target of vaccinating 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers. The govt. also planned to vaccinate at least 13 lakh persons each day. Out of total 3 cr, 2 cr are frontline workers

For this mission, the government had trained more than 2300 program managers at the central level. Whereas, on the other hand, 61000 program managers, 2 lakh vaccinators, and 3.7 lakh other vaccination team members were trained at the state/district/block level. 

So far, the govt has been able to cover 60% of the healthcare workers of the original target and 11% of the frontline workers. To note, vaccination for frontline workers started from 2nd Feb.

As of 15th Feb: More than 85 lakh (85,16,771) beneficiaries have been vaccinated. As of 15th Feb: 60.5 lakh healthcare workers (HCWs) have taken the first dose while 98,118 have taken the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination so far. 23.6 lakh frontline workers (FLWs) have taken the first dose of the vaccine. 

Top five vaccination states: Bihar 81.6% ; Tripura 79.5% ; Odisha 78% ; MP 75.8% ; Uttarakhand 75.2%

Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Chandigarh and Puducherry have reported less than 40% vaccination so far.

  • Adverse events/deaths:
  • 35 hospitalizations
  • 21 discharges
  • 11 deaths (during treatment)
  • 17 deaths (after treatment)
  • 3 under treatment

No case of serious/severe adverse event/death is attributable to vaccination, till date – says govt. data. At present, India has two approved vaccines. COVAXIN by Bharat Biotech and COVISHIELD by Serum Institute of India. Health Ministry has informed that new vaccines will be available in the next 90 days. COVAXIN’s trial stage III data on efficacy is still awaited.

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