TA Threads: Cyber Crime Volunteers

Govt. of India is all set to launch yet another contentious program – Cyber Crime Volunteers. Under this, citizens can sign up as cyber volunteers to identify, flag, & report illegal, unlawful & ‘anti-national’ content online. Follow this thread to know more! @stoic_gautamkr

However, lawyers and activists took no time in highlighting the legal issues with the program being launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs. One big challenge is: there is no clarity on what constitutes an ‘anti-national content or activity’.

In the absence of a proper legal definition on what does anti-national means, civil society fears that govt. can use this apparatus to make a strict crackdown on civil liberties using draconian law such as Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, as it has done in the recent past.

Also, the experts have expressed their concerns on providing such large powers to ordinary citizens, without proper checks and balances. This can result in great misusage of these powers as well as result in the creation of vigilante groups, which can be dangerous. #TAExplains

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