Report on scenario of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Dehradun

The report discusses the current scenario of solid waste management (SWM) in Dehradun. Dehradun, is the densely populated and growing urban city. The poor urban governance with low awareness of key health and sanitation issues among the public is creating huge problem in the city.

The report provides in detail the present system of waste collection, its constitution and components. The report also discusses about the segregation, transportation and disposal mechanism of the waste that is being generated in the city. Long ago, the state government under JNNURM placed a solid waste management system, but it has failed miserably. The Nagar Nigam department of Dehradun has been very stubborn and rigid with respect to suggestions on solid waste management.

On the other hand the environment regulators on the other hand have issued various guidelines from time to time, but nothing substantial has taken place. The report discusses the various landmark rulings of NGT too on the matters of Solid Waste Management.

The report has been published as the part of an on-going campaign on solid waste management in the city of Dehradun- Let’s Talk Waste!

The report is prepared by Vidush Pandey. He is a volunteer with the Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research.

Download the full report: Solid-Waste Management

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